Circumcision NSW (Dr Adrian Sheen) - alledged misleading advertising

Categories: STDs | Testimonials | UTIs

Under Ahpra’s policies the use of testimonials or purported testimonials about the service or business is not permitted, yet Dr Sheen lists 13 testimonials on a dedicated “what people say” page, including prohibited testimonials relating to the procedure itself and outcomes of the procedure.

Dr Sheen provides no evidence to back up his claims around reduced UTIs and STDs. Furthermore, the purported benefit of not having to have it done in the future due to a tight foreskin is in breach of Ahpra’s policy of not encouraging the indiscriminate or unnecessary use of a regulated service. This ‘benefit’ could be applied to any body part that has the potential to cause a problem in the future and it would clearly be unnecessary to remove those body parts from a healthy person ‘just in case’.

Dr Sheen also includes an audio interview with know circumcision enthusiest Brian Morris on his about us page, which detail a number of purported benefits to which there are no provided references.


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