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Join the Foreskin Revolution!


Foreskin Revolution is a human rights movement that uses art, politics and popular culture to spread the core messages - that the normal, whole body is awesome with the foreskin being the most enjoyable part of the body, and that circumcision of a healthy child is an assault on that body that needs to end. We wrap all of this in a revolutionary spirit that holds a place for everyone - cut men and their partners who resent it, intact men who are sick of the body shaming or anyone who understands that our society needs to move beyond this harmful practice. We invite everyone to rise up and join the Foreskin Revolution! Join today by subscribing to our emails, or follow us on any of the social media channels.


Forced amputation of children's healthy body parts does not belong in the 21st century!

At Foreskin Revolution we advocate for the rights of children and the adults they become. Children are born perfect. We believe all people should feel empowered to celebrate their body, and that the foreskin is valuable, purposeful tissue that is better enjoyed, embraced and explored, rather than forcibly amputated in childhood. Viva La Foreskin Revolution!

 Circumcision: it’s where sex and violence meet for the first time.

Marilyn Milos

Founder and Director, National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC)

The time has come to stand up for what is so perfect and so magnificent about the human body. And that’s all of it. Foreskin and all!

Michael Winnel

Leader, Foreskin Revolution

The four powers of foreskin!

Did you know that the foreskin is a valuable and functional part of the body, that can best be summed up by the four powers – pleasure, protection, lubrication and connection. See below for more details on each one.


Foreskin is a sensory organ with thousands of special nerve endings. It enhances sex by providing sensation definition and orgasm reflex control.


Foreskin protects the glans (head) and interior surfaces from dehydration, chaffing and keritinization. It secretes and holds emollients to keep the skin healthy and boosts immune function.


Foreskin produces natural oils and moisture. Arousal increases blood flow to the penis which causes increased lubricant production from the foreskin.


Foreskin is an important physical link that connects our bodies to our partners. It’s the neural pathway of an intimate connection that can create a transcendental sexual experience.

How many boys are cut each year in the Western world?

The USA, Canada and Australia are the only three countries that still perform circumcisions on healthy newborns and infants in any significant number. The numbers below show how many children in each country are strapped or held down and have the most sensitive and enjoyable part of their bodies taken from them.




Who are the people behind the Foreskin Revolution?

Everyone can be part of the revolution! But here are those organizing, leading pushing this movement forward.

Michael Winnel

Michael Winnel

Leader, Foreskin Revolution

Michael Winnel was formerly a pharmaceutical representative and his work took him to New York where he first became involved in the fight against circumcision. Michael is now occupied full-time as the leader of the Foreskin Revolution which focuses on the continuing practice of the circumcision of children in the three Western countries with the most significant numbers, namely the USA, Canada and Australia.

Foreskin Revolution on YouTube

Video is a favourite communication tool here at Foreskin Revolution. It allows us to show the humanity in this cause more than any other method, and also allows us to have some fun with showing the fabulous functions of the foreskin in creative non-sexually explicit ways, and much much more! We tend to publish all of our videos on YouTube first so make sure you subscribe to be the first to get the latest.

Foreskin Revolution in the media

Foreskin Revolution is popping up in the media everywhere! See below for a list of where we have been featured. Please email or reach out to us on any of our social media channels for media inquiries.

Foreskin reclaimers: the ‘intactivists’ fighting infant male circumcision

The Guardian features our very own revolutionary Damien Williams –  “We realised we don’t need to fight the battle against circumcision, and decided to lay down arms on that front. Let the circumcisers have that brand, and all the cutting, blood, fear, pain and hate for the human body that goes with it. Let them try to sell that to a public now embracing the positive-body movement and has a healthy scepticism for people in white coats selling them things they don’t need. We made a pact to push forward a new brand – foreskin!”

Foreskin Revolution Group Launches In Australia And Says Circumcision Amounts To ‘Mutilation’

Lad Bible gets behind the Foreskin Revolution! Featuring this quote from Michael Winnel, our leader – “You’re not allowed to do scarification on your children, you’re not allowed to do foot binding. Yet, you’re allowed to hack off the most sensitive part of their penis for the rest of their life.”

The movement to save men’s foreskins has come to Australia

SBS Viceland’s popular show “The Feed” joined us down at Bondi Beach for the filming of our “Foreskin Fist Bump” video. In this groundbreaking TV Broadcast, SBS has taken a compassionate & empathetic viewpoint on people affected by circumcision – the sons, the mothers – this is an issue that effects us all. WATCH & SHARE this 10min piece to help make the world a better place for ourselves and the children we bring into it.